Classes and talks for 2019! All classes will begin at 2 p.m, and last between 1 and 2 hours. Meditation will be on January 19th and Herbal Class will be January 26th.

On the 3rd Saturday of each month — Meditation class — with Music and without Music — We will do 2 meditations. We will do 1 with music and 1 without music. The music will vary. Then we can discuss. 2 hours/$15

On the 4th Saturday of each month — Herbal Class — We will discuss herbs from our book. You will have the opportunity to learn about 3 or 4 herbs each month. We will talk about the herbs in our book HERBS: WILD IN VERMONT AND OTHER PLACES. We will learn about herbs in our area and what their uses are. We can make tea for ourselves as well. Two prices for the class: with our book –$35/class and without $15/class.

Starting in February we will have a class about chakras and oils to be used with the main chakras. This will be on the first Saturday of each month. The charge will include a chakra oil corresponding to the chakra we discuss that day. $15 per class.

The second Saturday also starting in February will be on various crystals and a corresponding infused gem stone tea. Perhaps we will alternate this class with a class on gemstone waters and their purpose. Either class $15.