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Gemstones And Their Properties – Gifts From The Earth For Our Good Health

Gemstones are as many and varied as the herbs of the earth.  That’s why I love them so much.  I will share some of my favorite gemstone properties and items.

Herkimer Diamonds:   Beautiful, sparkly and spiritual!  Some of them have rainbows in them.  Some have a drop or two of water inside.  Some even have gold color in them.  These are called “golden healers”.   Their transformational properties are magnified by this golden color.  Some of the properties of these very special quartz crystals are the ability to cleanse body, mind and spirit and yes, even other gemstones/jewelry.  Herkimers reduce stress, balance and purify energy within body, mind and spirit.  They are powerful amplifiers, enhance inner vision, store thought forms and information,  increase awareness of dreams therefore called “dream crystal”.  Herkimers are wonderful for all the chakras.  If you have never experienced this wonderful energy, stop in and hold one or better yet take time for you and have a Herkimer Reiki session.

If you are not local, let us know your price range and we will post some of them.

Arkansas Crystals are very similar to Herkimer Diamond crystals.  The matrix is different and so far I have not seen rainbows or golden healers.  The energy is very similar.  They have similar properties.

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