Teas and Moisturizers

Teas and Moisturizers - 1


Ahhhh Healthy Urinary System
Alkalinity makes the body alkaline, helps fight disease
Bell’s Palsey
Birth Control
Breath of Fresh Air (asthma)
Countdown Tea (last 6 week of pregnancy)
Cut the Sugar (for diabetics)
DiaStop (for diarrhea, cramps, flatulence)
Get Flowing (circulation)
Get Over It (colds & allergies)
Go Easy (constipation)
Guess What! (for pregnancy and morning sickness and to strengthen the uterus)
Happy Baby Tea (colic) tea only
High Blood Pressure
HRT “Chill Out” — Hormone Replacement and Relaxation
HRT “Uplift” — Hormone Replacement and get a lift
Immunoboost (a kick in the system take before going into crowded areas to prevent colds & flu)
Kick The Habit (any addiction)
Lactation & Peace ( to soothe, comfort and fulfill ñincrease milk flow)
Loganís Energy Blast (all the lift, no jitters)
Love Potion (spice it up)
Miracle Tonic (life is good)
Nature Aid for Men (prostate, BPH)
Pain & Inflammation
Relaxation (great for meditation)
Secret Weapon (fight or prevent disease)
Sleeping Potion
Speed the Healing (for any wound healing including raw skin, bleeding gums, pulled teeth, heavy menstruation)
Straight Flush (body cleanse)
Suppress It (calm for cough)
Tummy Tea (stomach upset, nausea, bloating)
Vitalessence (vitamins)
Will Power Boost (weight control)
Antifungal Solution (nail fungus, jock itch, fungal rash) $12.95
Teas 1 gallon bag/3x16oz bags make 1 gallon $ 3.00
Capsules 12 per bag $ 5.50 30 per bag $12.95

Tea Bag Info

Each bag of tea makes up to 1 gallon of tea. If not all is consumed, tea may be stored in the fridge for about 4 days. Tea may also be frozen. We often use ice cube trays and use the tea cubes just like you would any other cubes. The bag may be dried out in between uses as well. We also have 3 bags available. Each makes 16-20 oz or all 3 will make 1 gallon.

Teas and Moisturizers - 3


DermaHealer PRODUCTS
Ear Relief 1/3 oz $6.50 (use on humans or pets-warm to body temp)
DermaHealer LOTIONS
ALL 1 oz — $5.50 ALL 2oz — $8.95
Face Lotion 1 oz
Face Lotion 2 oz
Bug Stuff 1 oz
Bug Stuff 2 oz
Energizer Lotion 1 oz
Energizer Lotion 2 oz
Healing Lotion 1 oz
Healing Lotion 2 oz
Love Lotion 1 oz
Love Lotion 2 oz
More than Moisturizer 1 oz
More than Moisturizer 2 oz
Pain Lotion 1 oz
Pain Lotion 2 oz
Skin Lotion 1 oz
Skin Lotion 2 oz
Xyliaís Lotion 1 oz
Xyliaís Lotion 2 oz
Crocodile Cream 1 oz $4.95 per tub
Ointments Available 1 oz $4.95 per tub

Teas and Moisturizers - 2


Vermont Ginseng Tincture $14.95
1oz dropper bottle $9.95
All teas are available as tinctures plus Echinacea Chaga Devilís Claw Valerian Pau DíArco Myrrh Frankincense.
St. Johnís Wort Green tea and most single herbs.
All herbal teas are also available as tinctures. There are many more products available. Just ask, we may have it.Bug Stuff spray repellent $6.95 2oz 11.95 4oz

Teas and Moisturizers - 5


Pet Cream (skin irritation, wounds) unscented 1oz. tub $4.95
Repel Powder and Spray (keep the insects off your pet) $8.95 2oz 12.95 4oz shaker container of powder $12.95
Pet Aid (capsules for any wound healing including raw and runny skin, mouth sores, oozing) $5.50
Pet Calm (capsules to relax your pet during travel or stressful situations) $5.50
Barn Itch Cream by the pound.


Holistic Healing and Classes

Reiki, Reiki with Gemstones (Herkimer diamonds are most popular)
Chakra Balancing
Aura Cleansing
Chinese Ear Coning
Ionizing Foot Bath for Detox

Reiki (Usui) All levels with certification.
Karuna Reiki All levels with certification.
Healings available $45/45 minutes to 1 hour $25 half hour
Chinese Ear Coning Treatment $35

Flax Seed Warmers/Cherry Pit Warmers with custom blended herbs:
You may choose your herbs as well. We blend with flaxseed or cherry pits.
Various Sizes & Shapes $6 to $60

Teas and Moisturizers - 7

Other Items Available

Incense burners/holders
CDís relaxing music & meditative journeys
Misting Kits
Books (new and used)
Cards by Doreen Virtue
Some organic food products

Maple Syrup
Gemstones for your Healing Pleasure
Our own Vermont Herbal shirts and bags
Tea pots
Essential Oils
Candle Snuffers