Vermont Herbal General Store

Energy Healings/Reiki

THE VERMONT INSTITUTE OF HEALING AND INSPIRATION – Here you can learn Usui and / or Karuna Reiki, Tai’Chi Gung, Chinese Ear Coning, System Detox and more.

We are a part of the International Center for Reiki and teach according to William Lee Rand and Laurelle Shanti Gaia.  We are please to personally know them and Michael Arthur Baird, THE Reiki Drummer.

Our newest healing modality is Kahi Loa, Hawaiian in origin. We have classes and healings available.

Rasaji is our Master Lama for Tai’Chi Gung and great consultation.  He is available for personal consultation at

You can experience these for yourself and learn to help others. Certification for classes provided.

These modalities allow us to work with the energy of the universe. We are pleased to have the music of David Paul available for us during the classes and for purchase.

Herbs Wild In VT

With the snow that we recently received, all of our herbs are sleeping and regrouping for Spring.  The last to go was our mallow or cheeses.  They are exceptionally hardy and will be some of the first to appear in the Spring.

This year we will be doing herb walks up on the herb farm.  Let us know if you would like to join us.  There will be a small fee for the walk.  Depending on the time of year, there may be plenty to eat from our Mother Earth.

Email us if you are interested in herbs by the ounce.  We have many available.